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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on November 3, 2011

Q: It's reported that the Arab League just announced reaching agreement with Syria on the working documents to solve the Syrian crisis. How does China comment?

A: China welcomes the agreement between Syria and the Arab League on the working documents to solve the Syrian crisis, which is an important step towards easing the Syrian tension and launching the inclusive political process with the broad participation of all parties in Syria at an early date. China hopes that all parties in Syria take concrete measures, stop all violence and create conditions for the solution of the issue through dialogue and negotiation. China supports the Arab League's efforts to uphold the overall interests of Arab countries and regional peace and stability and its constructive role in pushing for the alleviation of the Syrian situation.

Q: Major political parties in Nepal recently reached a package solution on the peace process. How does China comment?

A: China is happy to see that major political parties in Nepal reached an important agreement on the peace process and welcomes the efforts of relevant parties in Nepal for lasting peace. We sincerely hope that Nepal can complete its peace and constitutional process at at early date so as to realize peace, stability and development.

Q: It is reported that a foreign organization claimed that Chinese copper mining enterprises in Zambia have problems in production safety and working conditions. How does China respond?

A: The allegations of this organization are inconsistent with facts. For a long time, Chinese companies have been engaged in investment cooperation in Zambia based on equality and mutual benefit, creating a large number of job opportunities for the local communities and making important contribution to the social and economic development of Zambia. To my knowledge, relevant Chinese companies have strictly abided by local laws and regulations, worked out mechanisms and taken measures to ensure the legitimate rights and interest of employees in production safety, salary and benefits, and actively fulfilled their social responsibilities.

Zambian President Sata recently gave favorable comments on Chinese enterprises' important role in the development of Zambia and expressed willingness to strengthen cooperation between the two countries. We appreciate that.

Q: It's reported that the Pakistani Government decided to give India the most-favored-nation treatment. How does China comment? Do you think it is conducive to improving India-Pakistan relations?

India and Pakistan are both important countries in South Asia. The improvement of their relations is vital to the peace, stability and development of South Asia. As a neighbour and friend to both India and Pakistan, China hopes the two countries can properly solve disputes through dialogue and cooperation for common development.

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