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Chang-Kieng Scholar Award Program
Chang-Kieng Scholar Award Program is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong patriotic business giant Li Ka-shing. The purpose is to enhance the academic status of Chinese higher education institutions and boost Chinese higher education. The program includes Program Professor Position System and Ka-shing Excellent Innovative Talent Award.

The program is aimed to invite middle-aged talents in academic field all over the world to take part in the development of key disciplinary areas of Chinese higher education institutions, lead the key disciplinary areas to reach or surpass advanced international level, bring up a group of highly qualified academic leaders in several years, and enhance the academic status and competitiveness of Chinese higher education institutions in the world.

TheMinistry of Education will set up 300-500 professor positions in the key disciplinary areas of higher education institutions in the next 3-5 years. The vacancies for program professors will be open to competition.

The Ministry of Education will invite several international acknowledged scholars to form an Expert Committee to assess the applications for program professor positions submitted by the higher education institutions, the candidates for program professors recommended by the institutions and the candidates for Chang-Kieng Scholar Achievement Award.

The submission and assessment procedure is composed of three parts, i.e. application for program professor positions, recommendation of program professor candidates, and recommendation of Chang-Kieng Scholar Achievement Award candidates. The first two procedures are carried out twice a year, the third one is carried out once a year.

In principle, 1-2 program professor positions are allocated in each sub-disciplinaries of the key disciplinary areas.


Applicants must have obtained Doctor degrees;
Applicants must be under age of 45 ( not beyond 55 in special cases);
Applicants should be qualified for instruction of core courses;
Applicants should have remarkable research achievements acknowledged internationally;
Applicants should have innovative proposals for his/her subjects, and be capable to lead his/her research to reach or surpass the advanced international level.
Applications for the program professor positions are accepted twice a year. Higher education institutions must submit applications and other required materials prior to January 15th or July 15th.

The Expert Committee will assess applications and propose an outline for the positions prior to February 15th or August 15th.

Those institutions with approval of the positions will give international public notices for individual application, and submit recommendations and other required materials for program professors prior to April 15th or October 15th.

The Ministry of Education will organize experts in the same field to assess the candidates prior to June 15th or December 15th.

The Expert Committee will notify the institutions of the program professors list prior to June 30th or December 31st.

The institutions will determine the final choice of professors according to the assessment of the Expert Committee and exchange contracts with the selected professors prior to August 15th or January 15th.

During the term of contract (3-5 years), the program professor will receive annual allowance of 100,000 RMB together with the salary, insurance and other welfare provided by the institution under the related Chinese regulations. Those who make superb contributions in academic fields during the term will receive Chang-Kieng Scholar Achievement Award bestowed each year, with 1,000,000 RMB for the first prize (one each year) and 500,000 RMB for the second prize (three each year).

Education Office of Chinese Embassy
14 January 1999



List of the First Group of Institutions and Subjects with Program Professor Positions

Peking University

Basic Mathematics
Theoretical Physics
Condensed Physics
Nano-Meterial Science & Technology
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Computer Software and Theory
Computer Applications
Fluid Mechanics
Tsinghua University

Environmental Engineering
Machine Manufacturing & Automation
Thermal Engineering
Computer Architecture
Solid Mechanics
Nuclear Energy Science & Engineering
Microelectronics and Electronic Devices
Power System and Its Automation
Telecommunication and Information Systems
Fudan University

Basic Mathematics
Condensed Physics
Polymer Chemistry & Physics
Shanghai Jiao Tong Uni

Telecommunication and Information Systems
Design and Manufacture of Ship and Offshore
Machine Manufacturing and Its Automation
Material Science
Zhejiang University

Optics Engineering
Electric Power, Electronics & Electrical Transmission
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Industry Psychology
Computer Applications Technology
Nanjing University

Condensed Physics
Inorganic Chemistry
Biological Technique
Physical Geography
Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposits
Southeast University

Architectural Design and Its Theory
Telecommunication and Information Systems
Thermal Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Wuhan University

Space Physics
Plant Growth Biology
Polymer Chemistry & Physics
Huazhong University of Science & Technology

Biomedical Photonology
Machine Manufacturing and Its Automation
Laser Technology
Xi'an Jiao Tong University

Thermal Engineering
Solid Mechanics
Biomedical Engineering
Tongji University

Marine Geology
Bridge & Tunnel Engineering
Structural Engineering
Road and Railway Engineering
Tianjin University

Chemical Engineering
Optics Engineering
Chemical Technology
Testing and Measuring Technology & Instrumentation
Nankai University

Pesticide Science
Basic Mathematics
Applied Mathematics
Organic Chemistry
Jilin University

Inorganic Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry & Physics

Xiamen University

Physical Chemistry
Zhongshan University

Condensed Physics
South China University of Science & Technology

Material Processing
Chemical Engineering
Dalian University of Technology

Engineering Mechanics
Applied Chemistry
Design and Manufacture of Ship and Offshore
Sichuan Union University

Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Basic Mathematics
Polymer Materials

Chongqing University

Photoelectric Technique & System
Delivery Vehicle Survey and Control & Remote
Sensing Information Transmission
Beijing Normal University

East China Normal University

Physical Geography
Shandong University

Applied Mathematics (Finance & Mathematics)
Functional Material Science & Technique
Lanzhou University

Physical Geography
Organic Chemistry
Ocean University of Qingdao

Marine Pharmacy
Northeast Normal Uni

University of Science & Technology Beijing

Machinery Design and Theory
Central South University of Technology

Powder Metallurgy State Key Lab
Northeastern University

Control Theory and Control Engineering
Jilin University of Technology

Rolling Stock Engineering
China Textile University

Material Science
Beijing Medical University

Internal Cardiovascular Diseases (Molecular & Biology)
Pathology (Molecular Pathology)
Shanghai Medical University

Neurological Biology
Molecular Medicine
Huaxi Medical University

Stomatology Jaw Surgery
China Agriculture University

Genetics and Animal Breeding
Soil Science
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Plant Pathology
Nanjing Agriculture University

Genetics and Plant Breeding
Plant Pathology
Huazhong Agriculture University

Genetics and Plant Breeding
Harbin University of Engineering

Marine Acoustics Engineering
Design and Manufacture of Ship and Offshore
Petroleum University(Beijing)

Exploration Engineering of Petroleum and Gas Field
Wuhan Technical University of Surveying & Mapping

Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing Technique
China University of Geosciences(Beijing)

Reconnaissance and Prospecting of Deposits
Paleontology and Straitigraphy
Earth Survey and Information Technique
University of Science & Technology of China

Inorganic Chemistry
Nuclear Technology & Application
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Northwest Polytechnic University

Material Science
Fluid Mechanics
Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Computer Software and Theory
Aeronautics Propelling Theory and Engineering
Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

Aircraft Design
Xi'an University of Electronic Science

Signal and Information Processing
Electronics Technology University

Electromagnetic Field & Microwave Technology
Beijing University of Posts & Telecommunication

Telecommunication and Information Systems
Signal and Information Processing
Beijing Institute of Technology

Optics Engineering
Rolling Stock Engineering
Nanjing University of Science & Technology

Applied Chemistry
Hehai University

Hydrology and Water Resources
National University of Defence Technology

Computer Architecture
Telecommunication and Information Systems
The Second Military Mediccal University

Surgery (Liver and Gall Surgery)
Surgery (Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery)
The Forth Military Medical University

Aeronautics, Astronautics & Navigation
Internal Medicine (Digestive System)
Neurological Biology
China University of Mining & Technology, Beijing Graduate School

Mining Engineering
Mineral Processing Engineering
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology

Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine
Southwest Jiao Tong University

Vehicle Utilization Engineering
Northern Jiao Tong University

Transportation Information Engineering & Control
Harbin Institute of Technology

Super Precision & Special Processing
Robotics & Mechano-electrical Integration
Astronautics Radar and Telecommunication System
Inner Mongolia University


Shanghai Second Medical University

Internal Medicine (Hetamologic Diseases, Endocrinology, Digestive System)

Northeast Agriculture University

Basic Veterinary Medicine
Northwest University

Structural Geology
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