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Declaration for HK Visa

(This form must be read and completed by all applicants)



Notice to the applicant


Under the HK SAR Immigration Regulations, permission given to a person to land in Hong Kong as a visitor shall be subject to the conditions of stay that he shall not take any employment whether paid or unpaid, not establish or join in any business and not become a student at a school, university or other educational institution.

Under the HK SAR immigration policy, a foreign national who wishes to come to Hong Kong to take up residence, employment or study at a school or join in any business should apply for an appropriate visa before entry. Application for change of status after arrival as a visitor will not be considered except on very exceptional and justified basis.

Declaration (To be completed and signed by the applicant)


I have read and understand the above notice and I will abide by the said conditions and policy.

I have never applied for or been refused a visa to Hong Kong; been refused extension of stay in Hong Kong; or been refused entry to Hong Kong (otherwise, I attach details).

I have the following relatives in Hong Kong:

Name Relationship (with the applicant)

_____________ ______________________________________________

_____________ ______________________________________________

_____________ ______________________________________________ 


I intend to come to Hong Kong for the purpose of ____________________________ And stay for (duration) ________________. During my stay in Hong Kong, I will/will not apply for extension of stay or change of status.

In respect of this application, I understand that I may be required to provide further information.

The above information is correct.


Signature of Applicant ______________________


Date _________________________


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