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China's Friendship Medal to make debut Friday

Chinese President Xi Jinping will present the first-ever Friendship Medal of the People's Republic of China at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday, according to Xinhua news agency. The report did not reveal who will receive the honor.

The Friendship Medal is the highest state honor of China. It is awarded to foreigners who have made outstanding contributions to China's development, exchanges and cooperation between China and other countries, as well as world peace.

The medal has been created to set examples of friendship between China and other countries, promote values of friendship, peace, fairness and justice, and enhance the world's understanding of China, the report says.

Blue and gold in color, the medal features elements such as the peace dove, the Earth, handshaking and lotuses, while its chains feature patterns of Chinese knots, evergreens, peonies, jade and fragrant thoroughwort.

The design embodies the everlasting friendship between Chinese people and people of other countries, and expresses China's wish for common prosperity and development of all countries in the world, according to Xinhua.


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