Remarks by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy to Australia

During the recent Australia-US Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN), the US high-level officials made unwarranted attacks and slandering against China's role in the region, which exposed the lingering hegemonic mentality of certain forces in the US. Their intention is doomed to fail.

We also firmly reject the veiled accusations of China in the Joint Statement of AUSMIN.

The unilateral withdrawal of the US from the INF Treaty has been widely criticized by the international community. As the world's largest nuclear arsenal possessor, the US has special and primary responsibilities in nuclear disarmament. Instead of escaping from its own responsibilities, the US should continue to drastically reduce its nuclear arms, so as to create necessary conditions for other countries to participate in nuclear disarmament negotiations.

The situation in the South China Sea remains generally stable. External forces including the US have been stirring up troubles and sowing discord with ill intentions. Such behaviors will only disrupt the situation in the South China Sea and undermine regional peace and stability. Countries and people in the region will never buy a single word of what they said.

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