Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Q: The Australian government announced new guidelines yesterday to guard its universities against foreign interference. Are you concerned that this could affect China's academic collaboration in that country considering the recent discussion in Australia about Chinese influence?

A: The Australian government's adoption of relevant education policies is the country's internal affair, which we don't comment on.

It is our hope that the Australian side will adhere to the principle of fairness, transparency and non-discrimination and ensure equal treatment in conducting external education cooperation. I would also like to point out that the long-term cooperative relations between China and Australia in the education sector have greatly facilitated student exchange between the two countries, and contributed greatly to enhancing our peoples' mutual understanding.

The so-called Chinese "infiltration" into Australian higher learning institutions is pure hearsay. We have repeatedly responded to that at our press conferences. We hope the relevant side could view bilateral exchange from an objective and rational perspective and work to enhance China-Australia friendship and mutual trust instead of politicizing normal exchange programs.

(Source: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on November 14, 2019)

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