Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Q: What's your response to Chinese citizen Wang Liqiang's claims in Australia?

A: As you may have read, a statement was released by the Jing'an division of Shanghai's public security bureau on November 23. Wang Liqiang is a fugitive and has been investigated by the public security organ for suspicion of fraud. The PRC passport and Hong Kong resident document he held were both forged. This case is still under investigation as we speak.

The Chinese competent authority noted the misinformation and made clarifications on this case at the earliest time possible. However, some Australian media and people are still clinging to their wrong position, quoting a person who is a criminal suspect and has zero credibility, hyping up so-called "China threat" or "Chinese espionage", and making smear campaigns that only turned out to be an unbelievably awkward farce. Our advice to those Australian media and people is to respect the truth, have some professional morals, give up ideological bias and stop doing things that are ridiculous and irresponsible.


Q: Australian intelligence officials said they are investigating a plot to plant a Chinese spy in the nation's parliament. Do you have any comment?

A: China doesn't interfere in other countries' internal affairs. We develop friendly cooperation with Australia and other countries based on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. We have not interfered and are never interested in interfering in other countries' domestic affairs.

Some Australian politicians, institutions and media have been highly tense on China-related issues. They seem to have reached a state of hysteria and extreme nervousness. Stories like "Chinese espionage" or "China's infiltration in Australia", with however bizarre plots and eye-catching details, are nothing but lies. We hope those Australian politicians, institutions and media can view China and China-Australia relations with a healthy attitude, which will truly contribute to the sound and stable growth of bilateral relations as well as their own physical and mental health.


(Source:Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on November 25, 2019)

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