Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Q: Reports on "Chinese interference" have recently triggered many discussions in Australia. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that Australian security officials' comments on "Chinese interference" are overreaction, and that checking against the threat of foreign interference should not result in anti-Chinese domestic political witch-hunt. I wonder if you have any comment on his remarks?

A: We noted relevant reports. Certain Australian media and institutions have been creating and hyping up "Chinese espionage" and "Chinese infiltration" with all kinds of false exaggeration and bias. They have reached a state of hysteria and extreme nervousness. In light of that, it is even more important that people with vision can make statements that are objective and rational.

I'd like to stress the following points.

First, China pursues the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence when developing state-to-state relations. We do not interfere in other countries' internal affairs, and we believe all countries should independently choose their own development path based on domestic conditions. In this sense, China's practice is upright and aboveboard. No one can accuse us of any kind of "interference". In the meantime, China is committed to socialism with Chinese characteristics and opposed to foreign interference. We encourage all countries to openly make commitments that they will not interfere in other countries' domestic affairs under whatever circumstance or excuse. I wonder if Australia can actually make such commitment?

Second, China opposes the behavior of certain Australian forces and people to smear China by rampantly hyping up "Chinese interference". They don't even have the readiness to know the facts or hear China's voice. What they are keen in is fabricating "evidence" that is ridiculously untrue and full of loopholes. Lies repeated a thousand times are still lies. They will only be tools used by anti-China forces.

Third, out of political agenda and ideological prejudice, some people in Australia have politicized economic, trade, cultural, educational, science and technology ties between China and Australia. They maliciously misinterpret and smear the normal activities and sincere sentiments on China of Chinese Australians, Chinese students and other Chinese nationals in Australia while wantonly oppressing them. This has undermined the momentum for China-Australia cooperation. It is against the current trend of the world as well as social justice, and it damages Australia's own image and interests.

Fourth, we advise some Australian media to respect clear facts, have some basic professional ethics, reject ideological bias and refrain from doing anything irresponsible or absurd. We also hope the Australian government will heed the rational and objective voices, make clarifications on rumors at the earliest time possible, and make greater contributions to mutual trust and cooperation between China and Australia.

(Source: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on November 27, 2019)

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