Ten Questions by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy to Certain Australian Media

1. Why do some Australian media portray a Chinese fugitive fraudster as a spy to deceive the Australian people and undermine mutual trust between China and Australia?

2.The fabricated story on the 60 Minutes of Nine, self-staged by Nick McKenzie in cohort with the fugitive fraudster, has become the laughingstock. Is this farce a challenge or an insult to the wisdom of the Australians? Nick McKenzie has become a clown in the eyes of the Chinese people. Is “smearing China to win eyeballs” now a meal ticket for him?

3.By patching up ridiculous stories of outright falsehood, misleading the public, libeling and spreading rumors, do these journalists have any sense of media professionalism? Where are the evidence of their professional ethics?

4. Why some Australian media are always manufacturing bizarre stories of "China's intervention" to demonize China and delude the Australian people? Do they regard their hysterical defamation of China as a good representation of social responsibility and press freedom that they are boasting about?

5. Why don't they report on the tragic human rights situation of the refugees on Manus Island and the human rights violations such as the imprisonment of Aboriginal children across Australia questioned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights last October? Why do they always lecture other countries?

6. Why don't they report that 54 countries jointly voiced their support for China's counter-terrorism and de-radicalisation efforts in Xinjiang, instead of persistently hyping up the so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang?

7. Why do they keep spreading the so-called "China infiltration in Australia" fictions but having failed to produce any substantiated facts and evidences? Are they just worrywarts, or incapable for their job, or simply out of ulterior motives ?

8. By politicizing the normal economic and trade, education, science and technology, and cultural exchanges between the two countries, stirring up fear and panic over so-called “China influence” and “China infiltration” across the Australian society, are they trying to hold back the friendly people-to-people contacts and beneficial economic exchanges between the two countries? Are they trying to arouse McCarthyism? Are they trying to bring Australia back to the White Australia Policy era, which is despised by the majority of Australians today?

9. Whenever reporting on China, some Australian media always rely on the comments by a certain few so-called China experts, who take little note of the strategic partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Australia, the friendship between the two peoples and Australia's interest in long-term development and prosperity. What these so-called experts are good at is only denigrating the Communist Party of China, disfiguring China's political system and exaggerating ideological differences. What on earth are their intentions? To overturn the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership upheld by consecutive Australian Government?

10. Everyone knows that China-Australia cooperation is conducive to the stability and development of the two countries and the region. By doing the above, are these media defending or betraying the interests of Australia and the Australian people? Aren't they afraid of being recorded in history as perpetrators of hurting the friendship between the Chinese and Australian people, obstructing mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, and undermining Australia's own development and prosperity?

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