Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
2021-11-05 10:30

CCTV: According to reports, the French ambassador to Australia and relevant French officials said that Australian Prime Minister Morrison lied about the nuclear submarine cooperation of the US, the UK and Australia, and criticized the Australian side for leaking French President Emmanuel Macron's text message to the media, calling it very inelegant. Several former Australian politicians also criticized the Morrison government for damaging Australia's reputation. What is your comment on that?

Wang Wenbin: I have noted relevant reports. I want to stress that the AUKUS nuclear submarine cooperation is not just a diplomatic spat between a few countries, but a serious matter that will create risks of nuclear proliferation and undermine regional peace and stability. It is extremely irresponsible for the Australian government to ignore its international nuclear non-proliferation obligations and the serious concerns of regional countries and the international community in pursuit of its own interests. The Australian government should correct its mistakes, abandon the Cold War mentality, conscientiously fulfill its international nuclear non-proliferation obligations, earnestly safeguard regional peace and stability and give a responsible answer to the international community.

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