Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
2021-11-25 11:01

China Review News: When asked about the start of the first-phase project to build nuclear submarines by the US and Australian governments, the French foreign ministry said, as the Foreign Minister has indicated on numerous occasions, France is extremely prudent in honoring contractual commitments and will firmly defend its interests. What is your comment?

Zhao Lijian: I want to stress a few points.

First, many countries have expressed serious concerns over the US-UK-Australia nuclear submarine cooperation, believing that it is a "gray rhino" undermining the international nuclear non-proliferation system and creating nuclear proliferation risks as it deliberately escalates regional tension, provokes an arms race, and threatens regional peace and stability.

Second, the nuclear submarine cooperation is not a matter limited to few countries, and it hurts the interests of more than one party. The cooperation may lead to negative consequences, posing threat to the entire region and even the whole world.

Third, it is a shared view of the international community that the US, the UK and Australia should abandon the Cold War mentality and narrow-minded geopolitical concepts, respond to the trend of the times for peace and development and stop creating "small blocs" or "small cliques". The countries concerned should seriously abide by international non-proliferation obligations, earnestly safeguard regional peace and stability and withdraw the wrong decisions to give a responsible explanation to the international community.

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