Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
2021-11-26 06:10

China Review News: According to reports, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held a Board of Governors Meeting yesterday. Under China’s proposal, the Board shortly added a formal and independent agenda item by consensus to discuss issues related to nuclear submarine cooperation between the US, the UK and Australia. Can you share more information?

Zhao Lijian: China has expressed its grave concerns about and firm objection to the US-UK-Australia nuclear submarine cooperation on multiple occasions. Under China’s proposal, the IAEA Board of Governors added issues related to the trilateral nuclear submarine cooperation to the meeting’s official agenda. This is a right step toward proper resolution of the issue. The trilateral cooperation involves political, legal and technical issues, which China will raise under the Board’s new agenda item and have thorough discussions with all parties.

I want to stress that the trilateral nuclear submarine cooperation concerns the integrity, efficacy and authority of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), international security order, and peace and stability of the region and even the whole world. It is a must that a resolution acceptable to all parties is sought with wide participation of the international community. The US, the UK and Australia should not proceed with the nuclear submarine cooperation, and the IAEA Secretariat should not have consultation with the three countries on so-called safeguards arrangement on the nuclear submarine cooperation until parties reach consensus. 

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