Facts and Fallacies on China's fight against COVID-19(Ⅲ)
2020-04-17 15:20

Fallacy : International community failed to get information on COVID-19 from the Taiwan region.

Fact: As people in the Taiwan region share a bond of kinship with us, no one cares more about their health and well-being than the Chinese central government.

After the epidemic broke out, the National Health Commission of China promptly informed the Taiwan region of the situation. In mid-January, at the request of the relevant departments in the Taiwan region, experts from the Taiwan region paid a field visit to Wuhan and had discussions with mainland experts. Taiwan medical experts expressed sincere thanks to the mainland for the reception.

WHO is a specialized UN agency composed of sovereign states. Taiwan's participation in the activities of WHO and other international organizations needs to be arranged in a reasonable and appropriate manner after cross-straits consultations under the one-China principle.

According to the agreement reached between China and the WHO, there is an International Health Regulations Contact Point in the Taiwan region, so it can obtain timely information on global public health emergencies released by the WHO, and report its public health emergency information to the WHO in a timely manner as well.

Health experts from the Taiwan region can attend WHO technical meetings, and WHO experts can visit the Taiwan region if necessary for field trips or to provide assistance. These arrangements ensure that the Taiwan region can respond to public health emergencies in a timely and effective manner wherever these emergencies occur.


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