Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on Huawei issues

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang responded to related questions in the Regular Press Conference on 15th April.

Q: Over the weekend, there were reports from the Reuters saying that China has made a complaint in the WTO about the Australian government's decision to ban Huawei from supplying equipment for 5G. Could you confirm that? What are China's plans at the WTO? Do you plan to make a complaint against the Australian government? What actions might you take on this situation regarding Australia and 5G?

A: China's position on 5G cooperation is very clear. As we repeatedly emphasized, we hope countries can continue to take measures conducive to trade and investment facilitation and liberalization and win-win cooperation, which will deliver benefits to all economies. The Chinese government expects other governments to foster a fair, open, transparent and non-discriminatory market environment. Any country adopting discriminatory practices, no matter under what pretext, will only hurt its own international cooperation and forfeit the benefits it could have gained.

As to your question, I'd refer you to the Ministry of Commerce for more details. What I can tell you is that China upholds the rules-based multilateral trading system with the WTO at its core.

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