Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Q: A Chinese diplomat from the Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane today described the conflict between the Chinese students from mainland and Hong Kong at Queensland University as "patriotism". Do you think what he said is appropriate? Do you believe such remarks constitute interference in Australia's internal affairs and incite campus violence there?

A: On July 24, a very small number of people with ulterior motives conducted anti-China separatist activities at Queensland University, which caused indignation and protests by Chinese overseas students, including those from the mainland and Hong Kong. The Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane, following international law and international practice, stated our position on matters concerning China's sovereignty and the Chinese students' safety and legal rights and interests. The relevant statement is comprehensive, accurate and beyond reproach. The so-called allegation of "interfering in Australia's internal affairs" and "inciting campus violence" is nothing but fabrications and slanders.

Your question is strongly misleading. Why not ask the relevant party this question: were they grossly interfering in China's domestic affairs when bolstering those who made inflammatory remarks of "Hong Kong independence" at Queensland University? Do you think that making anti-China separatist remarks means freedom of speech while expression of patriotism is not?


(Source: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks on August 8, 2019)

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