Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

China News Service: Commenting on the possibility of Australia meeting more attacks from China, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia is an open-trading nation and will never trade their values in response to coercion from wherever it comes. "The ability for Chinese nationals to be able to choose to come to Australia has substantively been their decision. And I'm very confident in the attractiveness of our product." In response to Chinese departments' warnings against discrimination and violence targeting ethnic Chinese including Chinese students in Australia, he said, "That's rubbish. It's a ridiculous assertion and it's rejected." Do you have any comment?

Hua Chunying: Regarding China's warnings for Chinese travelers and students in Australia, I'd like to stress once again that it is based on a host of facts that the Chinese government warned Chinese tourists and students against relevant risks and advised they make proper plans for travel and study. It is a responsible government's due obligation to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of its citizens including students. I wonder why the Australian leader takes this as "coercion"? Why does he link this with "values"? The existing discrimination and violence in Australia has recently been widely reported by Australian media and on the Internet. The Chinese embassy in Australia has also received many complaints and requests for help. If the Australian side is unwilling and afraid to acknowledge such plain facts, how on earth does it have so much "confidence"? We advise Australia face up to its problems, do some soul-searching and take concrete measures to protect the safety, rights and interests of Chinese nationals in Australia.

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