Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

China Review News: Recently, the Australian media published an article saying that the so-called "academic and neutral" reports on Xinjiang by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) and other institutions and scholars actually lack factual basis, have no academic value at all, and are essentially creating and disseminating false information. The article said that although ASPI claims to be an independent and non-partisan think tank, it is actually funded by Australian and U.S. defense and foreign affairs departments as well as major Western military enterprises. What is China's comment on this?

Zhao Lijian: This is not the first time I was asked such a question, nor the first time that the Chinese and foreign media have disclosed the true face of this so-called "think tank". This institute has widely criticized for some time, including by righteous people in Australia. Take ASPI's so-called Xinjiang report as an example, which cites satellite photographs and so-called "eyewitnesses" to prove the existence of "detention facilities for ethnic minorities" in Xinjiang. But the so-called satellite photos are only an interactive map, and evidence from "eyewitness" cannot be vindicated and traced back to its origin. The report says there are "detention centers" in Turpan and Kashgar cities in Xinjiang, but the fact is that the so-called "detention centers" in Turpan are actually the buildings of the local administrative offices, and the "detention centers" in Kashgar are actually local high school campuses, all of which are marked out on Google and Baidu maps. You all can check on them. This shows that the relevant institute is fabricating and spreading China-related lies, rumors and false information to stigmatize and demonize China and harm the image and interests of China.

A man without credibility cannot establish himself in society. Likewise, the relevant institute, together with the false information and malicious rumors it made to discredit China, will only be relentlessly unmasked by facts and truth again and again, and its ill intentions will find no place to hide under the glaring light of justice. It is believed that more and more people of integrity in the international community will choose to side with facts and truth, practice objectivity and justice, and reject lies.


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