Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

HRTN: The Australian Alert Service, a weekly publication of the Australian Citizens Party, published an eight-article series "Xinjiang: China's Western Frontier in the Heart of Eurasia", disclosing with details how some Western countries, including the US, have supported Xinjiang separatist and terrorist activities for geopolitical purposes. Do you have any comment?

Zhao Lijian: I also noted this series. The articles are very well-written. They point out that since the end of the Cold War, Western countries, including the US, have been playing the “Xinjiang card” and supporting separatist and terrorist forces to disrupt Xinjiang. In 2003, the CIA concluded that “It would be unrealistic to rule out categorically American willingness to play the ‘Uyghur card’ as a means of exerting pressure on China in the event of some future crisis or confrontation.” The NED has funneled US$8.76 million since 2004 to East Turkestan forces including the “World Uyghur Congress”. These factors lead to rapid spread of extremist ideologies in Xinjiang and the inflow of terrorists. The East Turkestan forces then frequently plotted and carried out terrorist attacks in the region, causing heavy casualties of innocent civilians, severely jeopardizing stability in Xinjiang.

The series also reveals that the US and the West have manipulated and taken advantage of overseas Uyghur groups through intelligence agencies and anti-China forces to cook up outrageous lies and disinformation like "detention camp", "forced labor" and "genocide", and arrange so-called think-tanks, scholars and mainstream media to fabricate and spread fake news. This is a complete rumor-mongering chain. They created the false impression that Muslims in Xinjiang support "independence", that East Turkestan forces pursue "peace", and that there are human rights violations in Xinjiang, in an attempt to disrupt Xinjiang and contain China.

The truth will come to light. The US and the West want to destroy China with rumors, but these rumors have destroyed their image in the eyes of Chinese people. These rumors only make the Chinese more united and clear-eyed about the true face of the US and the West.

Today is the sixth National Security Education Day in China. We believe that with extensive publicity and in-depth implementation of the holistic approach to national security, each and every Chinese citizen will have sharp eyes to spot the lies of the US and the West, thus forming an impregnable fortress for our national security. Their conspiracy to disrupt Xinjiang’s stability and development will by no means succeed.


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