Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks

Xinhua News Agency: Recently, the Philippine-BRICS Strategic Studies, the Integrated Development Studies Institute (IDSI) and the Global Talk News Radio (GTNR) jointly launched an online petition calling on the WHO to probe the Fort Detrick bio-labs in the US. Many political and academic elites in the Philippines said that Fort Detrick is shrouded in suspicion and that shifting the blames onto China and stigmatizing China is the only way out of the US failure in fighting COVID-19 for the Biden administration. Some netizens in the Philippines said that the US is scapegoating the Wuhan lab to divert people's attention from Fort Detrick. Do you have any comment?

Hua Chunying: The masses have sharp eyes. Multiple Philippine institutions initiated an online petition recently calling on the WHO to launch a probe into the Fort Detrick bio-labs. It has received much attention.

This petition is mainly initiated by Herman Laurel, a famous political commentator and founder of the Philippine-BRICS Strategic Studies. Laurel said that Fort Detrick was closed for security reasons in August 2019, after which a mysterious EVALI outbreak occurred in the US. There are signs showing that the lab is very dangerous. Ado Paglinawan, former press attache at Philippine embassy in the US, released a book entitled "No Vaccine for a Virus Called Racism" on the same day of the launch of the petition. In the book, Paglinawan sorted out the timeline of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US and made the judgement that the disease started in June 2019 in the US and later spread across the world. It's worth mentioning that Paglinawan pointed out that the 1918 flu pandemic, dubbed the "Spanish Flu", actually originated in Fort Riley, Kansas in the US and was spread by the US Army onto Europe. He wrote that the US politicization of COVID-19 origins tracing is repeating the history of the "Spanish Flu".

There are more and more clues pointing the origins of the novel coronavirus to the US. Media and experts from the US, Russia, the ROK, Japan and other countries have called for a probe into Fort Detrick for the origins tracing. However, on the one hand, the US has turned a deaf ear to the doubts and call of the international community and tried to shut out all these and dodge the issue. On the other hand, it has resorted to political manipulation, fabricating lies and distorting facts, and sparing no effort to smear and malign China.

China once again calls on the US side to respond positively to the international community's doubts as soon as possible, release and review early case data, invite WHO experts to investigate Fort Detrick, its more than 200 biological laboratories overseas and the University of North Carolina, and release the data concerning the sickened American military athletes who attended the World Military Games in Wuhan. The US should give the world a clear explanation and help solve the mystery of the virus as soon as possible.

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