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Ambassador Fu Ying Interviewed by ABC TV

On 5 May 2005, interviewed by the TV program of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC TV), Madam Fu Ying, the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Australia answered the questions raised by the correspondent in relation to Taiwan issue, Sino-Japan relation and Sino-Australia relation.

Madam Fu indicated that, a while ago, a delegation of the Chinese Kuomintang (KMT) members led by the chairman of KMT, Mr. Lien Chan just concluded a successful tour to the Mainland China. During his visit, Mr. Lien held a historic meeting with Mr. Hu Jintao, the General Secretary of Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Both sides extensively exchanged their views in depth and have reached significant common understanding in relation to the imperative issues including promoting the improvement and development of the cross-Strait relations as well as strengthening the association between the two parties. This was a meeting of historic and realistic significance as it was the first meeting between the major leaders of KMT and CPC over the past 60 years. Lien Chan was greeted with warm welcome and hospitality by the local people wherever he went in Mainland China. This is a clear message that the Mainland conveyed to Taiwan: we all belong to the same country and each and every of us is a member of the Chinese nation.

Fu Ying said that China holds a clear-cut and consistent position in relation to the dialogue issue with Taiwanese authorities. As long as the "One-China" principle and common understanding reached by the two parties in 1992 are recognized, whoever the person and whichever the party is, regardless of what they have said or done before, we are willing to discuss with them the issues in relation to the development of cross-Strait relation and the facilitation of the peaceful reunification. In relation to Chen Shui-bian and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of Taiwan, the vital part is that their push for the "Taiwan Independence" line is completely unacceptable to the Chinese people. Without recognition of "One-China", there is no basis for dialogue at all

When it comes to the Sino-Japan relation, Fu Ying pointed out that its major crux lies in the historical issues. The wrong approach that Japan has dealt with its historical issues have hurt the feelings and led to the dissatisfaction of the people in China and other relevant Asian nations. Over the recent period of time, the spontaneous demonstration and rallies held by some Chinese ordinary people were due to the dissatisfaction over Japan's wrong attitude and behaviors over its wartime aggression. China and Japan are close neighbors and now two influential countries in the world. A friendly mutual relationship is in the fundamental interests of both nations and in line with the need of peace and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region and the world. Our starting point of dealing with Sino-Japan relation is "using history as a mirror and looking up to the future" and we have always been endeavoring to realize the friendship between the people in both nations generation after generation. Japan can only genuinely draw a lesson from its history and win the trust of its neighboring nations by facing up to the history of its wartime atrocities.

Fu Ying said, recently President Hu Jintao has met with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in Jacarta. Leaders of both countries have both acknowledged the importance of developing a friendly Sino-Japan relationship. Both sides have agreed that, proceeding from the overall considerations of Sino-Japan friendship and the peace and development of Asia, both countries would appropriately deal with significant issues including history issues and Taiwan issue to mutually push forward healthy and friendly Sino-Japan relations.

In relation to agreement to starting the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiation between Australia and China, Fu Ying said, Prime Minister John Howard has just completed his successful visit to China. Both Australia and China have determined to start the bilateral FTA negotiation. This will not only be conducive to the expanding and deepening of the bilateral economic and trade cooperation and the prosperity and development of economy in both nations, but also gives a new lease of life to the comprehensive cooperation between the two countries. The negotiation is understandably going to involve very complicated issues in diverse fields and full of challenges and difficulties, nonetheless, the key to the success lies in both parties' attitude towards mutual understanding and compromise to realize a win-win outcome. China will make every effort it can to facilitate the progress of FTA negotiation.

When asked about issues relating to Australia's participation of the Summit of South Asian Nations, Fu Ying emphasized that China respects the decision of ASEAN nations. China is willing to continuously strengthen the consultations and coordination with Australia on major regional and global issues with a view of mutually promoting the peace and stability in the Asia Pacific. China welcomes Australia playing an active role in the regional cooperation.

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