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Ambassador Fu Ying on China's Science and Technology

    (19th September 2005) Invited by Mr. Hutch Ranck, Chairman of Australian Prime Minister Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC) Working Group on Asia's Economic and Scientific Growth, Mme. Fu Ying, Chinese Ambassador to Australia, today made a presentation on China's Science and Technology (S&T) at the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training, and answered questions by the audiences, who were numbered about 20 and were composed by Australian high level policy makers and experts in the area of science and Technology. Mr. Xu Hai, Counsellor for Science and Technology, and some related officials from the Embassy also participated in the meeting.

    Mme. Fu elaborated the good political, S&T and commercial relations between the two countries, China's S&T administrative framework, China's great S&T achievements since its reform and opening up to the outside world, China's current S&T situation and its weakness, and its future development potential and tasks. At the end of her speech, Mme. Fu put forward the idea of further cooperation for the two countries by the two governments. After the presentation, Mme. Fu gladly answered some questions raised by the Australian officials on technology transfer among enterprises, and collaboration in the areas of resources and prevention of disease.

    Mme. Fu's speech and answers got warm appreciation from the Chairman and the audiences.

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