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China's New Ambassador to Australia ZHANG Junsai Takes Office

On 11 March 2007, Mr. ZHANG Junsai, the new Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, arrived at Canberra to take up his post.

Ambassador ZHANG said that he felt particularly honoured that his appointment as an Ambassador to Australia came at a time marking the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationships between China and Australia. He indicated that, over the past 35 years, the world has witnessed that China-Australia relations have been growing by leaps and bounds.

While there has been a constant stream of top-level exchange visits by the leaders of the two countries in the past, we are expecting to see more high-ranking visits on the way later this year. The trade volume between China and Australia has been breaking historic records continuously. The wide range of ongoing cooperative projects has demonstrated that our two economies are highly complementary. Exchanges in the fields such as education and culture are also expanding. More and more people of Chinese backgrounds are starting up their business in Australia. Their hard work has increasingly played an constructive and significant role in the social and economic development of Australian society. Ambassador ZHANG expressed that he believed that through greater joint efforts, there would be even brighter prospects for China-Australia relations.

Ambassador ZHANG has worked as a Consul at Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney and a Counsellor for Political Affairs at Chinese Embassy to Australia in 1990s with a total period of 8 years in Australia. He felt very excited to have been offered the third opportunity to work in Australia. Ambassador ZHANG said, "My predecessors including Ambassador ZHOU Wenzhong, Ambassador WU Tao and Ambassador FU Ying have all made significant contributions to the development of China-Australia relationships. I certainly will work hard to build on the excellent foundation laid by my predecessors and do my utmost to deepen and enhance the comprehensive cooperation between China and Australia."

Ambassador ZHANG also took the opportunity to greet the broad Chinese communities living in Australia. While extending his gratitude for the great efforts made by the local Chinese communities towards facilitating the exchange and collaboration between China and Australia, Ambassador ZHANG indicated that he would be more than willing to join both the old and new friends, in the endeavor to push forward the friendly cooperation between the two countries.

The staff at the Chinese Embassy in Australia along with representatives of Chinese communities went to the Canberra Airport to welcome Ambassador ZHANG Junsai. During his stopover in Sydney, the new Ambassador was welcomed at the airport by Mr. QIU Shaofang, the Consul General of China in Sydney. Representatives from local Chinese communities based in Sydney held a welcome ceremony for Ambassador ZHANG.

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