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"The Photo Exhibition to mark the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to its motherland" held in Canberra

The Photo Exhibition to mark the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to its motherland was held in the hall of the Australian High Court on June 27th.

The Ambassador Zhang Junsai said in his speech that Hong Kong, for a long time, is a city well-known for its one of international centers of finance, trade and transportation. It returned to the embrace of its motherland after 99 years of seperation, and had thus entered into new era of being "one country, two systems" under which Hong Kong people administrate Hong Kong.

He also said, in the last 10 years, 7 million people in Hong Kong, with the strong support of 1.36 billion people in the motherland, have successfully overcome difficulties and challenges, such as Asian financial crisis and world economic stagnation, etc, and has maintained political stability and economic prosperity.

In the economic fields, the GDP growth was 6.8% in 2006, total economic quantity hits historic record. Its export grew 10.2%, its government budget surplus was 7.4 billion US dollars, currency reserve was 48 billion US dollars, while its unemployment rate was as low as 4.4%, lowest in the last 6 years.

In the financial sector, the companies registered in Hong Kong stock exchange market have increased from 658 in 1997 to 1173 last year. Hong Kong now has 138 banks from all over the world, of which 69 are among top 100 banks of the world.

What is more is that Hong Kong has made progress in democracy process. For the first time, people in Hong Kong have their own law. That is "The Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region". For the first time, people in Hong Kong have the right to elect their leader. That is the Chief Executive of the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. We are sure now the people in Hong Kong are real masters of this city, having their future in their own hands.

He concluded that Hong Kong's today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow even better!

More than 150 guest from various circles attended this event. Mrs Jenny Wallis, Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Sydney also made a speech.

This exhibition is held by the Chinese Embassy and will last till July 4th.

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