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Address to the Reception of Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return to China

On 10 July, 2007, Mr. Zhang Junsai, ambassador of P.R.China to Australia delivered an address to the reception of celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China held in Sydney, the full text of the address is as follows:

The Honorable Alexander Downer MP

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Honorable Madame Jenny Wallis

Director Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, Sydney

Distinguished Guests

Ladies and Gentlemen

Good evening!

The first day of July this year, the Sunday before last, was the day of the tenth Anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China. I still remember that the Hon. Mr. Downer was invited to Hong Kong ten years ago to attend the ceremony of Hong Kong's return. It is most appreciated that ten years later the Minister has agreed to participate in this event which indicates that Hong Kong is of significant importance to Australia.

In recent days, 1.3 billion Chinese citizens, including 7 million in Hong Kong have taken pleasure in the celebration of this historic moment. Among many varied and colourful commemorative events, the most remarkable was the official visit from His Excellency Hu Jintao, President of the People's Republic of China, to Hong Kong,

During the 48 hours of the visit of President Hu Jintao, he attended Hong Kong return anniversary celebration gathering and the inauguration of the third-term government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; attend opening ceremony of Shenzhen Bay Port, and reviewed PLA garrison troops in HK. The President also visited families of ordinary Hong Kong people and played ping pong - table tennis with Hong Kong youth.

The entire visiting program was very full and conducted in a warm family manner, which shows the well-meaning attitude of the Chinese Central Government toward Hong Kong and Hong Kong people.

President Hu Jintao delivered a significant speech to the Hong Kong return 10th anniversary celebration gathering. He said that the success of Hong Kong in the past ten years, since it returned to China, amply demonstrates the powerful vitality of the "one country, two systems" policy. Under the direction of "one country, two systems, " Hong Kong continues to maintain its position as a centre ,for finance, trade, shipping and logistics and maintains its role as an international free port.

The President also summarized four issues of the utmost significance for Hong Kong's development:

-fully appreciating and implementing, "one country, two systems" policy

-strictly complying with the Basic Law

-giving high priority to promoting economic development and improving people's well-being

-upholding social harmony and stability

As President Hu indicated, during the past ten years since Hong Kong returned to China, Hong Kong has achieved ongoing prosperity and stability. This can be attributed to the significant support of the Central Government and China homeland which underpins the hard work and intelligence of the seven million Hong Kong people.

Such support was manifested when in 1998 Central Government supported Hong Kong's successful response to an attack from international speculators and protected Hong Kong in the Asian finance crisis. In 2003 a closer economic and trade arrangement named CEPA between the Mainland and Hong Kong was established. In the same year, the Central Government promoted the Individual Visit Scheme for citizens in the Mainland traveling to Hong Kong. By May 2007, the number of the visitors from the Mainland to Hong Kong had grown to 20,048,000 visit-events, and has brought tens of billions of Hong Kong dollars in income. In 2004, Hong Kong officially participated in Cooperation of the Pan-Pearl River Delta, which provides a new platform for the development of the Hong Kong economy. China's Central Government made the 11th Five-Year Plan in 2006, which clearly states support for Hong Kong in respect of maintaining its position as an international centre for finance, trade, shipping and logistics

A public poll was held in Hong Kong recently, which indicated that 85% or more people in Hong Kong have trust in the future of the mother country and Hong Kong. The "happiness index" of Hong Kong people has risen to a 70 points average out of a possible 100. The international community gave more recognition to the "one country, two systems" policy and continued to be optimistic about Hong Kong's future. Consequently, we have no doubt that the tomorrow of Hong Kong will be better.

Thank you!

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