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Ambassador Zhang made speech at ACCI's Annual General Meeting Dinner

On Nov. 28, Ambassador Zhang Junsai attended ACCI's Annual General Meeting Dinner and made a speech on the 17th National Congress of CPC and Sino-Australia relation.

He said that the 17th CPC National Congress has delivered a key message to the outer world. That is, China will continue to firmly take the path of the reform and opening up and achieve the economic and social developments peacefully.

China's development history over the past 30 years tells us that today's world is open and it is impossible for a country to develop by isolating itself. Therefore, if China wants to develop, we must remain committed to opening up.

China's opening up policy is long-term instead of makeshift. It has brought great benefits to more than 1 billion Chinese people and already gained their support. As a basic national policy, it will remain unchanged.

China's opening up is comprehensive in nature. We are open not only to the developed countries, but also to the developing countries. We are open not only in economy, but also in fields such as science, technology, education and culture.

China's opening up policy is based on mutual benefit. Opening up benefits not only China's own development, but also the world including Australia. On the one hand, China absorbs foreign capital, technology and managerial to improve its levels of production and development skills. On the other hand, the foreign countries can earn profits and market. Only on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win progress can opening up endure and be conducive to the fundamental interests of all peoples and peace and prosperity of the world.

Ambassador Zhang said that China's reform and opening up has cut short the distance between China and Australia and input sustainable momentum into the fast development of our bilateral relations.

This year is a special year in China-Australia relations. It marks the 35th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between the two countries. During these years, China-Australia relations, especially the economic and trade cooperation maintain the momentum of stable and rapid growth, and now face the good chance for further developments.

First, the ever closing political relations between the two countries has provided a firm, reliable and long-term guarantee for the China-Australian economic and trade cooperation.

Secondly, China's sustainable and stable economic growth will continually inject impetus to the economic and trade cooperation between our two countries.

Thirdly, China-Australia FTA under negotiation will open broader space for our trade and economic cooperation.

Fourthly, China and Australia are undertaking expanded cooperation in such fields as environment protection, climate change, banking and investment.

Fifthly, having gone through years of breaking-in, a mutual trust and synergy has been developed between the business and industry people of the two countries.

However, alongside the opportunities, there are also challenges and difficulties for us to face and overcome. So, the business industries of both countries are encouraged to be more farsighted rather than concentrating on short-term interests and to strengthen strategic cooperation.

Ambassador Zhang emphasized that looking back into the past, the relationship between China and Australia is at the best period in the history, and the potential is still enormous. Looking forward into the future, a peaceful, open and rapidly developing China will bring more opportunities and benefits to the friendly, mutual-beneficial and cooperative China-Australia relationship.

On Nov. 22, Ambassador Zhang made a speech to business circle of New Castle of NSW. His speech was also focused on the 17th National Congress of CPC and Sino-Australia relation.

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