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China bans liquids on domestic flights, including baby formula

    BEIJING, March 14 (Xinhua) -- Baby food, cosmetics and medicine, among others, will all be banned from carry-on luggage on domestic flights following the implementation of a new regulation that went into effect on Friday.

    The General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC) issued a notice here specifying details of what liquids could no longer be taken onto aircraft. The industry watchdog said the move was to ensure passenger safety and property security, a top priority of airlines and airports worldwide.

    For passengers with an infant, they will now need to apply in advance with the airline to provide them with formula or baby foodfree of charge, according to the notice.

    For others, they are now forbidden to carry any liquids on board. However, the CAAC said liquids could be put in luggage in the hold.

    For cosmetics, those under 100 milliliters each will be allowed on but need to be put in separate bags. They also can be opened for a security check.

    Diabetics or other patients who needed to carry liquid medicine should give them to flight staff to hold after clearing a security check.

    The CAAC announced on Thursday it was making the stringent safety checks to secure flight safety ahead of and during the Olympic Games period.

    "Staff members of airports will open more bags and cases for security checks," the CAAC said on its website.

    Existing easy-boarding VIP services in which passengers can pay for priority boarding have been cancelled.

    Li Jiaxiang, CAAC acting director, said safety precautions would be tightened during the Beijing Olympics in August. He called for the public's understanding of the extra inspection measures to be carried out at airports.

                                                                                                                                                                           Editor: Yan Liang
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