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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Remarks on Australian Media's False Report on Air Zimbabwe's Flights to China

Q: An Australian newspaper the Age recently reported, over the past year, Air Zimbabwe regularly flew to Beijing and southern China each week. These flights passed through Australia's and Singapore's territorial air space, ferrying high-ranking Zimbabwe officials and veterans of the Zimbabwe army to China. The flights were also loaded with ivory, gold and diamonds that were exchanged for weapons and luxury goods from China. Could you confirm?

A: We have taken note of some foreign media's recent reports on Air Zimbabwe's flights to China. As more and more foreign airlines fly to China in recent years, the relevant departments of the Chinese government have carried out management on all flights entering or leaving China in accordance with the law. The Chinese government forbids any company or individual to take advantage of civilian flights to engage in illegal activities. The report proves to be malicious rumors. Some foreign media frequently fabricates fictitious stories attacking China's relationships with African countries. Their lack of basic professional ethics would finally ruin their own reputation and credibility.

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