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Ambassador Zhang Junsai delivered a speech at ACBC Forum

On May 14th, 2009, H.E. Mr. Zhang Junsai, the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, delivered a speech at the ACBC forum of "Australia China Victoria Wide 14 May 2009". There were over 200 attendants at the forum.

In his presentation, Ambassador Zhang elaborated on a big picture of various measures taken by the Chinese governments to tackle the current economic difficulties. He said there have been positive signs in China's economy. The 6.1% Growth in the first quarter is quite encouraging as it is better than expected. China has the confidence and capability to overcome the difficulties and sustain efficient and fast growth in the long run. China takes the crisis not only as huge pressures but also as the motive power to further advance its reform, through which to foster new sources of economic growth. This will provide business opportunities for companies from other countries including Australia, thus making contribution to economic growth around the world.

Ambassador Zhang also gave a positive comment on China-Australia relation and noted that, apart from the bilateral cooperation in the fields of energy and resources, both sides should explore broader areas of collaborations in other fields. China approaches its relations with Australia from a strategic perspective and takes Australia as a good friend and close partner, both economically and strategically. He hopes that more efforts will be made in promoting political mutual trust, deepening economic and trade cooperation, and encouraging more exchanges in the field of cultural and service sectors so as to push for further relations between China and Australia.

While in Victoria, Ambassador Zhang paid visits to both the Premier and the Governor of Victorian State during which they exchanged views and ideas on the further development of bilateral relations between China and Victorian State. He also met with those from business circles and media, and heeded their opinions on the current international financial situations. Besides, Ambassador Zhang also attended the welcoming party hosted by the local Chinese communities in Victoria and gave a briefing on China's economic and social development.

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