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Ambassador Zhang Junsai delivered a speech at AIIA

On September 3, 2009, H.E. Mr. Zhang Junsai, the Chinese Ambassador to Australia, delivered a speech entitled "Uphold Peace, Dialogue and Cooperation for Mutual Benefit and Common Development" at the Australian Institute of International Affairs.

In his speech, Ambassador Zhang pointed out that the world is in great shift and great adjustment. Traditional and non-traditional security treats are more pronounced. They include climate change, energy and food security, natural disasters, poverty, communicable diseases, WMD proliferation, transnational crimes and terrorism. He said that globalization ties us together. Different countries are interconnected in their interests and destinies and share weal and woe. The only way to mutual benefit and common development is to follow the trend of the times, help each other and live in harmony.

He said that with the change of international situation and China's rapid development, China's relations with the rest of the world have seen big changes. China will go on to uphold peace and cooperation for mutual benefit and common development. China pursues an independent foreign policy of peace. It will continue to open up to the outside world. Its foreign policy is designed to maintain global peace, promote common development and build a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.

Ambassador Zhang reiterated that both China and Australia are important countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The two countries have different social systems and traditional cultures, and vary in national conditions and the paths of development. It is important that we follow the principles of mutual respect and accommodate each other's concerns so as to ensure the development of long-term and healthy bilateral relations.

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