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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Remarks on the Taiwan Related Affairs at the Kimberley Process Intersessional Meeting

Q: The Kimberley Process (KP) intersessional meeting was held in Perth, Australia on May 1. According to the Australian media, tension rose at the meeting because there was a delegation invited from Taiwan. It is also said that the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs raised this issue with the Chinese ambassador. Can you tell us anything about the Chinese government's perspective on this, and what possibly the ambassador had to say to the Australian side about this matter?

A: Our position on Taiwan's participation in activities of international organizations is clear and consistent, and that is to follow the one-China principle. The understanding was reached between China and the KP in 2003 when the process was inaugurated that Taiwan provisionally executes the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) in the name of the rough diamond-trading entity of Chinese Taipei. However, Taiwan is neither the participant nor observer of KP, and shall not attend meetings of its working groups or committees.

Before the intersessional meeting, the host unilaterally decided to invite Taiwan to attend as a "guest" of the Chair, which violated relevant rules of the process. The Chinese side lodged repeated representations with the host before the meeting, but China's reasonable concerns were not respected. Most KP participants and its committees and working groups also clearly voiced their disapproval of the host's practice. It is confusing and regrettable that the host was completely indifferent and held on to its own view.

China's expression of concerns about the issue and relevant arrangements at the meeting was in line with the rules of procedure and was perfectly reasonable and fair. China's position and concerns were also echoed and supported by many other participants at the meeting.

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