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Australia satisfied with military relation with China: Defense Minister

CANBERRA, Oct. 15 (Xinhua) -- Australian Defense Minister John Faulkner said here Thursday that Australia is satisfied with the military relation with China and hopes for permanent and constructive prospects.

Australia is pleased that candid dialogues and joint efforts are seen between the two countries in pursue of solutions, which is one of the major products of high-level military exchanges and down-to-earth dialogues, Faulkner said during a meeting with visiting Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Chief of General Staff, General Chen Bingde in Parliament house.

He said China's growth and progress is a major role to regional and world peace and stability as well as a key for their development. China would be of a greater role in the world stage in future, said Faulkner.

The 12th Defense Strategic Dialogue between Australia and China is being held Thursday. Chen's delegation and Australian Secretary of Defense Ian J Watt and the Chief of the Defense Force Angus Houston hold discussion throughout the day.

Chen said China highlights Sino-Australian relations based on mutual respect in line with its longtime stance. The bilateral relations will grow only by showing care to major concerns and core benefits for each other.

He said an ever-lasting and growing relation with Australia will not only benefit the two peoples, but also help develop a peaceful and stable region.

He said given the status quo that profound changes are undergoing constantly in regions and worldwide and trend of diversification in military missions is more and more distinct, China and Australia share expanding common interests in having a peaceful and stable region. Therefore, he said, China wishes to promote mutual trust and defense and military cooperation with Australia and bring the communication and cooperation to a new stage.

Early Thursday morning, Chen inspected the Australian Defense Force Federation Guard at the company of Angus Houston, Chief of the Defense Force, in Blamey Square in front of Australian Department of Defense. Houston, Secretary of Defense Ian J Watt, China's Ambassador to Australia Zhang Junsai were present at the meeting.


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