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Yang Jiechi Attended the Opening Ceremony of the International Exhibition of Works by Artists for Peace of SCO

On 12 September, 2013, the “Peace Tour” International Exhibition of Works by Artists for Peace, one of the serial events of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Bishkek Summit, was launched in the National History Museum in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan. State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kamila Talieva attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

Yang Jiechi said in his speech that the peoples of SCO Member States have lived as neighbors and enjoyed friendship for generations and created splendid culture together. Culture is the bridge for communication and captures the spirit of a nation. To enhance people-to-people and cultural exchanges is highly significant for the deepening of goodwill among the peoples and the building of a harmonious region of lasting peace and common prosperity. I believe the excellent artists from various countries will paint together an even brighter future for the SCO with their painting brushes.

Talieva said that with its increasing influence, SCO has become an important force for regional stability and a driver for cultural exchanges. Cultural exchanges are an important area of cooperation and have played a positive role in promoting the good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation between SCO Member States.

Yang Jiechi and Kamila Talieva presented the “Silk Road People-to-People and Cultural Cooperation Award” to artists from China and Kyrgyzstan, toured the exhibition and chatted with the artists present.

The 80-plus exquisite fine art works on exhibition are created by over 30 artists from SCO Member States, Observer States and other countries. The works captured the theme of peace and demonstrated the “Shanghai Spirit”, which cherishes the respect for diverse civilizations, by displaying in an artistic way the natural and cultural features of countries.

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