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Chinese Government Provides Emergent Assistance to Maldives

In the afternoon of December 4, 2014, water services to the whole island of Male, capital of Maldives, were shut off after a crippling fire damaged crucial components of the desalination plant on the island, leaving the capital's population of 150,000 in severe water shortage. At the request of the Maldivian government, the Chinese government has provided Maldives with cash and drinking water for emergent assistance. So far, the Chinese government has arranged two civil flights loaded with bottled drinking waters to Male. The first batch of 12 tons water arrived in Male in the morning of December 6 local time, and the second batch of eight tons water will arrive in the capital in the evening of December 6 local time. China will also airlift drinking water to Maldives successively.

In addition, the Chinese government has emergently dispatched the navy submarine rescue ship Changxingdao, which was on a mission in the Indian Ocean, to make its way to Male to provide water to the people in Maldives with its seawater desalting facilities. The ship is expected to arrive in the morning of December 8.

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