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China condemns terror attack in Afghanistan
    China on Thursday lashed out at the terrorist attacks against Chinese workers in Afghanistan.

    More than 20 gunmen raided a Chinese construction site in northern Afghanistan early Thursday, and 11 Chinese workers have so far been confirmed killed and four others wounded.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regular pressconference here Thursday that upon hearing the news, Chinese leaders strongly condemned the terrorist activities.

    They instructed the foreign ministry, the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan and other relevant departments to put all their strength into rescuing the injured workers, properly deal with the incident and assist the Afghan side in ensuring the safety of other Chinese people in Afghanistan.

    The Chinese leaders also asked the foreign ministry to send their deep condolences and comfort to the victims and their families, Liu said.

    According to Liu, the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Afghanistan started their work immediately after learning of the incident. Vice Foreign Minister Dai Bingguo has called people in charge of the Afghan foreign ministry.

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry's Asian Department has also held an emergency meeting with the Afghan ambassador to China, demanding the Afghan government to take all measures possible to rescue the injured workers, ensure the safety of other Chinese citizens in the country, and meanwhile launch an investigation into the incident and bring the murderers to justice.

    The spokesman said the foreign ministry has also notified the commerce ministry and the China Railway Shisiju Group Corporation (CRSGC), employer of the workers. Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Sun Yuxi had also rushed to the scene.

    The injured workers have been sent to a hospital in Kunduz province, where medical staff of the United Nations are also helping with the treatment, he said. An 11-member work team sent by the CRSGC is to set off Friday to Afghanistan to deal with the incident.

    Liu said that in his phone conversation with Dai, Afghan Vice Foreign Minister Zalmay Aziz also expressed condolences to the victims. Aziz said Afghan leaders attach great importance to the incident, and he has instructed relevant departments to hunt down and severely punish the murderers.

    The Afghan side will cooperate well with the Chinese side in rescuing the injured and dealing with the aftermath, and take all measures to guarantee the safety of Chinese people in Afghanistan, Aziz said. Enditem 

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