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Liu Yandong: Hope Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Primary School Will Cultivate More Envoys of China-Hungary Friendship

On June 19, 2017 local time, Vice Premier Liu Yandong visited the Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Primary School in Budapest. Established in 2004, the school is now the only public school in Hungary and even the Central and Eastern European region, offering a 12-year education taught in both Hungarian and Chinese Mandarin.

Joy and laughter marked a highlight of Liu Yandong's visit to the school, accompanied by Minister of State for Cultural Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Íjgyártó István of Hungary, former Prime Minister Medgyessy Péter of Hungary and Principal of Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Primary School Erdélyi Zsuzsanna, Liu Yandong visited the exhibition of Confucius Institutes' previous achievements in Hungary, debriefed the reports on the operation of schools from four principals of the Confucius Institutes in Hungary, inspected Chinese language teaching class taught by Hungarian teacher Ruyi with great interest and watched students' performance. The students sang the song "Where is the spring" in both Hungarian and Chinese Mandarin, read the poem Farewell to Cambridge, and performed gymnastics spelling, drawing rounds of applause.

Liu Yandong inaugurated the independent Confucius Classroom of Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Primary School. Liu Yandong stated that under great attention and warm concern from the leaders of the two countries, Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Primary School has realized the "complete teaching" of 12-year bilingual teaching from primary school to high school since its establishment over ten years ago, which is unique in Europe. The school has cultivated nearly thousands of students and has become both an important platform for Hungarian teenagers to study Chinese and learn Chinese culture and a shining brand of China-Hungary people-to-people and cultural exchanges.

Liu Yandong noted that I could feel the sincere friendship from the Hungarian people to China through the students' excellent performance and fluent Chinese. Language is the carrier of culture and a communication tool. Thus, if you can master one more language, you will have a key to a wider range of friends and to learning the world and to opening the future. Hungarian-Chinese Bilingual Primary School, as the only independent Confucius Classroom in Hungary to join the family of Confucius Institute, will inject new vitality to Chinese teaching in Hungary and China-Hungary people-to-people and cultural exchanges. China will support the development of the school all the time, hoping that the School can constantly enrich the teaching content, raise the level of its operation, insist on development with characteristics and cultivate more envoys of China-Hungary friendship.

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