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Wang Yi: Pakistan Has Made All-out Efforts to Fight Against Terrorism with Clear Conscience

On September 8, 2017, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and visiting Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif of Pakistan jointly met the press after their talks in Beijing.

When asked about the new policy of the US on Afghanistan and South Asia, Wang Yi expressed that terrorism is a global problem that requires all countries to work together to cope with. It is better to cooperate than point fingers at each other.

Wang Yi said that Pakistan is a good brother and iron brother to China. No country knows about and understands Pakistan better than China does. For many years, Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism and an important participant in international counter-terrorism cooperation. The efforts of the Pakistani government and people and Pakistan's national sacrifice in fighting against terrorism are clear to all, which should be fully recognized by the international community. We believe that Pakistan has made all-out efforts to fight against terrorism and has a clear conscience. Instead, some countries should give Pakistan a fair shake.

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