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Wang Yi Meets with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Frederica Mogherini of the EU

On November 20, 2017 local time, Foreign Minister Wang Yi met respectively with Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel of Germany and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Frederica Mogherini of the European Union (EU) when attending the Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the Asia-Europe Meeting in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, mainly exchanging views on the Rakhine State issue in Myanmar.

Wang Yi expressed that the Rakhine State issue is a problem left over from history with complicated background, which is hard to fix it with one move. Both Myanmar and Bangladesh should be encouraged to properly solve the issue through friendly negotiation. The international community should create conditions and environment for solving the issue rather than making the contradiction more complicated and spill over. I have made a shuttle visit to the two countries over the past two days, fully listened to the opinions of both sides, and put forward a three-phase solution on the basis of comprehensive consideration of respective demands, which has received active responses from both Bangladesh and Myanmar. The most urgent task at present is to support the two countries to reach the consensus on a repatriation agreement and implement it, in a bid to strive for visible results at an early date. As a good friend of both countries, China is willing to continue playing a constructive role to this end.

Sigmar Gabriel and Frederica Mogherini endorsed Myanmar and Bangladesh to find a proper and lasting settlement of the Rakhine State issue through bilateral negotiation. They were pleased that both countries have reached a preliminary agreement on repatriation issue. It is hoped that both sides could take this as an opportunity to find a breakthrough to the settlement of the issue, take the first step, and gradually push forward the fundamental solution of the issue. Germany and the EU appreciated China's diplomatic mediation between Myanmar and Bangladesh, which has made positive outcomes, and believed that it demonstrates again China's unique role in regional affairs. Frederica Mogherini noted that the EU has no intention of pushing for a solution through exerting pressure or sanctions. The EU hopes that Myanmar and Bangladesh could sign the repatriation agreement at an early date, and is willing to offer assistance regarding the implementation of the agreement depending on the will of the two countries. The EU also stands ready to maintain communication and coordination with China on the Rakhine State issue.

Wang Yi also exchanged views with Sigmar Gabriel and Frederica Mogherini over situation on the Korean Peninsula, the Iranian nuclear issue, the direction of the current relations among major countries as well as other issues.

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