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President Hu's American visit serves common good
    BEIJING, Aug. 25 (Xinhuanet) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao's upcoming state visit to the United States, Canada and Mexico is aimed at strengthening dialog, increasing mutual trust and promoting cooperation for common development, Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing said Thursday.

    Hu will pay a state visit to the three countries from Sept. 5 to 17, during which he will also attend the United Nations summit marking the 60th anniversary of the world body.

    Li said the president's visit to the United States will have a significant impact on the development of China-US ties, which are currently at an important stage.

    China-US relations as a whole remain stable with close high-level communication and contact, and effective consultation and coordination in areas of the economy, anti-terrorism, law enforcement, non-proliferation and the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.

    China and the United States share broad and important common interests,and China is ready to work together with the United States to handle bilateral relations from a strategic and long-term perspective.

    He hoped the countries would show respect to each other, shelvedifferences to seek common grounds, improve communication and cooperation, properly handle differences and further improve the China-US constructive cooperative relations on the basis of the three China-US joint communiques.

    "Such moves will not only benefit the two countries' fundamental interests, but also help promote regional and world peace, stability and prosperity," Li said.

    On Hu's visit to Canada, the first the Chinese head of state ineight years, Li said, "I believe the visit will deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields and upgrade the China-Canada comprehensive partnership to a new level."

    China-Canada relations have developed smoothly over the past 35years since the two forged diplomatic ties, the foreign minister said.

    The two countries announced a comprehensive cooperative partnership in 1997, "which signified that China-Canada relations have entered a new stage of comprehensive development."

    According to him, the two countries have maintained frequent high-level contacts and achieved significant results in their cooperation in the fields of the economy, science and technology, energy resources, agriculture, the environment and health.

    "We also kept close consultation and cooperation in international affairs," he said.

    Li described Mexico as China's important trade partner and investment destination in Latin America, saying that as developingcountries, China and Mexico share many common interests and similar requirements on safeguarding world peace and promoting common development.

    The Chinese president's visit to Mexico will help push forward the bilateral strategic partnership and promote cooperation between China and Latin America as well as the unity and coordination between developing countries.

    "The Unites States is the largest developed country. Canada enjoys a flourishing economy and advanced technology. Mexico is animportant developing country. China attaches great importance to the friendly cooperation with the three countries," Li said.

    President Hu's visit to the three countries is aimed at improving dialog, enhancing mutual trust and promoting cooperationfor common development.

    As for Hu's attending the UN summit, Li said it demonstrated China's supports to the United Nations and would be conducive to closer China-UN cooperation.

    At the summit meeting, the Chinese president will illustrate China's view and stance on the current international situation andmajor international issues, and put forward specific proposals on the issues including UN reform and international cooperation, Li said.

    The summit, which Li believes will exert vital influence to thefuture of the United Nations and international relations, is slated for Sept. 14-16 in the UN headquarters in New York. Some 122 heads of state and 58 government leaders have decided to attend.

    Li said China hopes the summit would produce positive results, which should include reiterating the commitments to the spirit andprinciples enshrined in the UN Charter, safeguarding the UN authority, promoting the settlement of the development issues and implementing the Millennium Development Goals.

    China also hopes the summit would enhance the UN's capability in coping with threats and challenges with active and prudent reforms, promote multi-lateralism and help boost the sound and harmonious development of international relations. Enditem

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