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China tightens airport security in wake of UK plot

Special Report: Major UK air terror plot thwarted

    BEIJING, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- China tightened airport security on Friday in the aftermath of a plot uncovered by the British police to bomb flights bound for the United States.

    China's General Administration of Civil Aviation on Aug. 11 issued bans on liquids or gels being taken onto planes bound for the United States, shortly after the British police said they had thwarted the alleged terrorist plot.

    The administration said after looking at details of the foiled plot, which involved liquid explosives carried in hand luggage, it has taken steps to tighten security at airports in China.

    The administration said up to now no airlines in China is planning to cancel flights to Britain.

    Passengers bound for the United States are banned from taking liquids or gels in carry-on luggage, including drinks, shampoo, facial cream, sun-block cream, toothpaste, hair gel, and other substances with similar characteristics.

    Passengers will have to leave these items in their check-in luggage or dispose of them at security checks. Items of this kind bought at duty-free shops inside the airport are also banned, according to the airport restriction.

    Penicillin and prescription medicine can still be taken onto the plane provided the prescription is in the ticket holder's name. Baby food is also allowed when the baby or the child is present.

    A Beijing Capital Airport official said passengers must also take off their shoes for examination at security checks.

    Britain said Friday that it had arrested 24 suspected plotters in London on Thursday who planned to use liquid or gel explosives concealed in sports drink bottles, triggered with the flash from a disposable camera, in order to bring down some ten commercial airliners.

    Carriers and airports in Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Thailand and the Philippines have also imposed similar restrictions by now.

    Hong Kong's Airport Authority also warned people flying on American carriers to show up three hours in advance for security checks. Enditem

Editor: Pan Letian
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