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Taiwan legislature to vote on new motion to oust Chen Shui-bian

    BEIJING, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Taiwan's top legislature will vote this Friday on a new recall motion -- the third in recent months -- to oust embattled island leader Chen Shui-bian. Chen has been facing unprecedented pressure since his wife was indicted on corruption charges.

    The "Legislative Yuan" will deliberate for two days before the vote, according to Taiwan local media.

    Two previous recall motions in the 220-seat legislature failed in June and October when they were boycotted by lawmakers from Chen's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

    The latest move to oust Chen is led by opposition parties angry about the recent indictment of Wu Shu-chen, Chen's wife, for her alleged involvement in embezzlement and corruption.

    About 14.8 million New Taiwan dollars (448,500 U.S. dollars) are involved in the Wu affair.

    Prosecutors said they had evidence to substantiate Chen's involvement but, as leader of the island, he is immune to prosecution.

    After several crisis meetings, the DPP leadership has decided to continue to back Chen.

    According to Taiwan regulations, Chen can only be ousted if two-thirds of the "Legislature Yuan" -- 148 votes -- approve the motion.

    Last week, two prominent members of Chen's ruling DPP party, Lee Wen-chung and Lin Cho-shui, quit the "Legislative Yuan" voicing dissatisfaction with the DPP's handling of the scandal surrounding Chen's family.

    Following Lee and Lin's resignation, the ruling DPP party holds 84 seats.

Editor: Chen Feng
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