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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China Notifies the Foreign Embassies in China of the Disaster Caused by Heavy Snow, Sleet, Ice Rain and Unusual Cold in the Southern Region of China

Some southern provinces in China were hit by heavy snow, sleet, ice rain and unusual cold for the past days. The disaster aroused wide public concern in the world. Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China notified the foreign embassies in China and instructed the Chinese diplomatic missions abroad to notify the countries and international organizations of their localities of the disaster that hit the southern region of China. The ministry expressed that the Chinese government attached great importance to emergency handling and disaster relief work. President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao and other top Chinese leaders went to the forefront of the disaster. The local governments and departments were mobilised to participate in the emergency handling and disaster relief work. The Chinese government was grateful to the governments and people of other countries for their support.

These Countries expressed their appreciation and support to the Chinese government for taking resolute actions to deal with emergency and disaster. The leaders of these countries expressed their condolence and offered their assistance to the Chinese government and the people in the disaster-stricken region by sending messages of condolence, transmitting notes through the foreign ministries, or issuing press communiqu├ęs. They trusted that the Chinese government and people could overcome disaster, and restore the normal production and social order.

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