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President Hu Jintao Congratulates Putin on Election of Russian President

On March 5, 2012, Chinese President Hu Jintao sent a message of congratulations to Vladimir Putin on his election to the country's presidency.

In his congratulatory message, President Hu said the Russians have made tremendous progress in promoting national stability and development in the new century, adding that he believed they would make even more promising achievements in the great cause of building a strong and prosperous Russia. China and Russia are friendly neighbors and enjoy a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, Hu said. He also said consolidating the China-Russia good-neighborly friendship, expanding cooperation for mutual benefit, and deepening strategic coordination are vital to promoting their common development and revival, and preserving regional and world peace and stability. In the new situation, China would like to join hands with Russia and make sustained efforts in implementing the 10-year blueprint for the development of bilateral ties, as well as other cooperation agreements so as to further promote their comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation featuring equality, trust, mutual support, common prosperity and friendship for generations to even higher levels, he said.

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