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Xi Jinping Meets with Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr

On March 21, 2012, Vice President Xi Jinping met in the Great Hall of the People with visiting Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed K. Amr.

Xi said that the Chinese and Egyptian people enjoy a profound traditional friendship. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Egypt 56 years ago, the bilateral relations have withstood the tests of fluctuating international situation and the two countries have become good friends and good partners based on mutual trust and mutual help. China is satisfied with the current development of relations with Egypt. It attaches great importance to the relations with Egypt and is willing to make joint efforts with Egypt to consolidate the bilateral political mutual trust and strengthen coordination and collaboration in international affairs. It is willing to share its reform and development experience with Egypt, encourage Chinese businesses to invest in the country, promote the construction of the Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, further deepen the bilateral exchanges and cooperation on business, culture, education, science and technology and lift the bilateral strategic partnership to higher levels.

Amr expressed agreement upon Xi's remarks over the bilateral relations. He said that the bilateral cooperation and exchanges have achieved fruitful results since Egypt and China established diplomatic ties. Egypt attaches great importance to the relations with China, appreciates China's support and help and expects to make concerted efforts with China to promote the all-round and in-depth development of the bilateral strategic partnership.

The two sides also exchanged views on the regional and international issues of common concern.

Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi was present at the meeting.

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