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Vice President Xi Jinping Meets the Secretaries of the Security Councils of the SCO Member States in a Group

On April 12, 2012, Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping met the heads of delegations coming to China to attend the seventh meeting of the secretaries of the security councils of the SCO member states at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

Xi Jinping first expressed his congratulations on the success of the meeting. He said that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has gone through an extraordinary path over the past 10 years in the cooperation in the field of law enforcement and security and has achieved fruitful results. The meeting of the secretaries of the security councils of the SCO member states, as a high-level coordinating body for the security policy and security cooperation between SCO member states, has played an important role in combating the "three forces", drug trafficking, and transnational organized crimes and has made an important contribution to helping the Organization fulfill the duty of maintaining regional stability. At the meeting, the parties reached a consensus on strengthening cooperation in the early warning of crisis, the fight against cyber-crimes and joint law enforcement and adopted the revised SCO Regulations on Political and Diplomatic Measures and Mechanisms of Response to Events Jeopardizing Regional Peace, Security and Stability and the draft program of the cooperation of SCO member states in fighting against terrorism, separatism and extremism (three forces) for 2013-2015 in principle, which have not only made full preparations for the Beijing Summit in June this year, but also laid a foundation for the Organization to improve its capabilities to prevent and handle regional emergencies in the next 10 years. The Chinese side spoke highly of the above outcome.

Xi pointed out that at present the regional and international situation continues to undergo complex and profound changes. The situation in West Asia and North Africa remains unstable. Terrorism, transnational crimes, and drug trafficking are still rampant. Cyber-crimes and other non-traditional security threats have become increasingly prominent and have brought new challenges to regional security and stability and the development of the SCO member states; but at the same time, they have also brought new opportunities for member states to promote and deepen security cooperation. To this end, member states should, first consolidate strategic mutual trust; second, improve cooperation mechanisms; third, focus on the long term; and fourth expand international cooperation so as to build the Organization into a platform of maintaining regional stability and promoting world peace.

Xi said that the security and development interests of countries in the world are increasingly interlinked. Mo country is immune. China will adhere to the diplomatic policy of building a good-neighborly relationship and partnership with neighboring countries and is willing to embrace challenges and share opportunities together with the member states so as to build the region into a harmonious region with lasting peace and common prosperity through effective and pragmatic cooperation.

The heads of delegations expressed deep thanks to Vice President Xi for taking time to meet them. They also spoke positively of the role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. They considered that the Chinese leaders attach great importance to the SCO, which enhanced their confidence in further promoting such cooperation. During the meeting, the delegates had constructive discussions on carrying forward the "Shanghai Spirit" and jointly safeguarding regional peace and security through cooperation. The meeting achieved a great success. They expressed thanks to China for making important contributions to the meeting. They also expressed the belief that China, as the rotating presidency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization this year, will make a positive contribution to the development of the Organization and the peace and security of the region.

After the meeting, Xi Jinping took a group photo with the heads of delegations.

State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Meng Jianzhu attended the above activities.

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