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Li Keqiang Addresses Moscow State University

On April 28, 2012, Vice Premier Li Keqiang visited Moscow State University. Rector of the University Viktor Sadovnichiy and the First Vice President of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov warmly received Li in front of the main building of the University.

A female student dressed in Russian national costume presented bread and salt to Li. It is a traditional Russian etiquette to express respect to the disguised Chinese leader.

When Li entered the auditorium of the University, all the teachers and students stood up and applauded warmly. Li waved to the audiences. The University chorus performed songs to welcome the Chinese guest.

Amid warm applauses, Li walked on the stage and delivered a speech under the title of Complying with the World Development Trend and Deepening China-Russia Strategic Cooperation.

He said that university is the melting pot of talents, the treasure house of thoughts and the palace hall of science. Over the years, Moscow State University has trained many great masters, nurtured many excellent talents and made important contributions to the development of China-Russia relations.

He pointed out that both China and Russia are ancient civilizations and major powers in the world today. The people and youth of the two countries shoulder heavy responsibilities for the future and fate of mankind. The world today is experiencing major development, adjustments and changes. Peace, development and cooperation are the call of the times. Economic globalization and world multi-polarization move forward side by side and homogeneity of development and diversity of civilizations coexist. It is an open and diversified world with symbiosis. There are both commonalities and differences in the world. We should learn from each other and tolerate our differences. The world requires peace and cooperation so that people can pursue a happy life in the process of common development. The world needs respect and equality. Whiling maintaining our own rights and interests, we should promote democracy in international relations and push for the building of a more fair and reasonable new international political and economic order.

He stressed that China-Russia relations at present are in the best period in history. Both sides view each other's development as opportunities and share broad common interests. It is our common historical responsibility to respond to the call of the times, deepen China-Russia strategic cooperation and promote the building of a harmonious world with lasting peace and common prosperity. The development of China-Russia relations has a solid foundation which has taken shape in the past, rare opportunities at present and great potential in the future. The solid foundation is a historical heritage and the result of aspirations of the people, the rare opportunities are generated by the real needs and comparative advantages of both countries and the great potential comes from the practices of opening up to each other. The two countries should focus on the big picture of cooperation and comply with the trend of peace, development and cooperation in the world. It is not an expedient measure. We must have a long-term plan and implement it in a down-to-earth manner.

He pointed out that China-Russia cooperation is featured by strategic interaction and joint innovation. We should view each other from a long-term and all-round perspective and enrich our comprehensive strategic partnership with pragmatic cooperation and large projects. We should follow the trends of industrial development in the world, cooperate closely on technological innovation and in emerging industries and enhance our core competitiveness. China-Russia cooperation is a process of cultural and emotional exchanges and we should carry forward our friendly feeling towards each other from generation to generation. The Chinese government will invite 300 Moscow State University students to study in China this summer. China-Russia cooperation is also a process of maintaining world peace together. We should strengthen cooperation in international affairs and safeguard the UN Charter as well as norms governing international relations.

Li said finally that youth of China and Russia are building the bridge of friendship between the two countries. Youth represent the future, hold the future and should explore the future. He firmly believes that the road of friendship between China and Russia will become wider and the future of friendship between the two countries will become brighter.

His speech aroused strong resonance in the teachers and students. They applauded enthusiastically from time to time. At the end of the speech, the auditorium was once again filled with prolonged applauses. The chorus performed in Chinese the Russian songs with which the Chinese people are very familiar.

Sadovnichiy said that Li's visit is a big honor to the Moscow State University and will be a significant event in its history. Li's speech was very meaningful and interesting. On behalf of the University, he would like to extend gratitude to Li once again.

Li reached out to the Russian and Chinese students in the University and held cordial talks with them. The young students were filled with excitement and reluctant to leave.

Accompanied by the rector, Li also visited the history showroom in the library of the University and listened to the rector's introduction.

Moscow State University is the largest and oldest comprehensive university in Russia and enjoys prestige in the world.

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