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Cultures converge at Shanghai Expo

BEIJING, May 4 -- The ongoing World Expo is a remarkable opportunity for the diverse cultures of the world to present their very best. One of the ways exhibitors are doing this is with plenty of free performance scattered throughout the Expo park.

The outdoor public performances at the Shanghai World Expo are presented at five squares, each dedicated to one of the earth's continents from Oceania in the South Pacific, to the Northern hemisphere's Eurasian landmass.

The Africa Square has turned into a center of interaction, as dancers from South Africa get the whole crowd involved in a dancing class. The act will also be one of the cultural events at the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

At the Americas Square and Europe Square, centuries-old traditions are performed. Musicians are joining the dancers and singers for impressive spectacles seldom seen in China. Spectators get the chance to interact with the artists on stage, and are exhilarated by exotic performances without the trouble and expense of traveling overseas.

(Source: CCTV.com)


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