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Panchen Lama holds Buddhist ceremony, meets Mongolian delegation

   The Eleventh Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu held a Buddhist ceremony here in the Yonghegong Lamasery on Wednesday, receiving worship from 30 Living Buddhas from northwest China's Ga nsu and Qinghai provinces and meeting a visiting Buddhist delegation from Mongolia.

    During the ceremony, the Panchen Lama received the hada, a longpiece of silk used as a greeting gift among Tibetan and Mongolian nationalities, presented by the Living Buddha, Mongolian Lamas, and monks of the Yonghe Lamasery, and he also extended head-touching blessings to them.

    When receiving religious homage paid by the Living Buddhas, thePanchen Lama called on Buddhist monks and religious believers to carry on the fine tradition of loving the motherland and religion,and make their own contribution to national and ethnic unity and the motherland's prosperity.

    When meeting the Mongolian Buddhist delegation, the Panchen Lama specially expressed his sincere welcome for the delegation, saying that he hopes the Buddhist exchanges can further consolidate the friendship between the two countries. He also extended his wishes for their smooth visit in China. Enditem

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